Desiertoa gripping action-adventure film inspired by events on the US-Mexican border — opens in two weeks. The original English trailer (above) has now been supplemented with a trailer that includes remarks by Donald Trump: [Mas…]

vanessahatSan Antonio sensation Vanessa Del Fierro is the alt.mariachi chingona behind Las Coronelas, whose mega-viral David Bowie cover almost blew up POCHO’s servers this week.

Vanessa also stars as an immigrant-smuggling coyote in a new video for her original composition Mexican Train. It’s a love song; too bad she’s in love with the wrong vato. Extra firme oldies points for the doo-wop backup girls, the triplets feel, and the tubular bells: [Mas…]

coyotetopEvery day, twice a day, Monday through Friday for six months, the coyote (or human smuggler) concealed and transported migrants across the border from Mexico to Los Estados Unidos. El Coyote — based on a true story — has some NSFW words in Spanish and English. There’s lots more about filmmaker Javier Barboza and the making of this stop-motion and animated video at Barboza’s website.

borderflyersEscaping criminal gangs in Central America and crossing Mexico to enter the U.S. without papers is only the first step in a long journey, a journey with an ending that remains unknown.

The Intercept tells the story:

A few nights ago, Ana crossed illegally into the United States from Guatemala. Her husband paid a coyote $4,000 to smuggle Ana and their son through the lowland jungles of southern Mexico, up the San Pedro river to the Texas border.

“A gang was after us,” Ana says in a daze, digging her knuckles into her cheeks to stay awake. She and her child were just released from a 48-hour stay at a detention center where it was too cold to sleep. [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from HOLLYWOOD) SpongeBob SquarePants is an undocumented immigrant whose family drifted into Bikini Bottom, Hawaii, from Mexico when he was child, the Nickelodeon star revealed this morning.

SquarePants (real name: Bob Esponja) made the announcement at packed press conference called by Animal Actors for Reform and Fairness (AARF), a pro-immigration reform group.

The reality TV actor plans to apply for President Obama’s Deferred Action program so he can work and drive legally.

“Sure — I’m absorbent. And porous. And as yellow as can be,” he said, his voice cracking, “but that doesn’t mean I should live in a piña under the sea.” [Mas…]

Coyote says new crop of ‘Cuban’ migrants are Mexicans

by Santino J. Rivera January 26, 2012 El Now
Thumbnail image for Coyote says new crop of ‘Cuban’ migrants are Mexicans

(PNS reporting from LA FLORIDA) The new wave of so-called “Cuban” immigrants washing up on the shores of the Sunshine State are really Mexicanos in disguise, at least according to one coyote. In an exclusive interview with PNS, people smuggler Chivo Rodriguez says the scheme is already an open secret in Mexico and it’s only […]