crop circle

Why is there a giant depression (crop circle?) in a sorghum field outside of Victoria, Yoro, in Honduras. Some folks point to a UFO/OVNI.

Inexplicata reports: [Mas…]

Barley fields in Texcoco, northeast of Mexico DF, were marked with strange sprawling “crop circles” on Christmas Eve.

Euronews outlet Ruptly described the discovery and name checked “chupakabra” in the headline: [Mas…]

The diameter of the circle cut into the Tossi family’s sorghum field Wednesday night or Thursday morning is 25 meters — 82 feet across. The transformation of the consenusal reality of the small town of Las Perdices in Argentina’s Tercero Arriba district is yet to measured.

Who — or what — made the circle? Is it of earthly origin? Or did an OVNI leave evidence of a brief terrestrial tango? We have more of the story and an incredible video report of a cow abducted by a UFO in Argentina, below. [Mas…]