It was a dark and scary night at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in 2009, and got even scarier when Lila Downs sang the classic cancion about the haunted weeping apparition, La LLorona, in this just-uploaded video.


America Wept (toon)

by Comic Saenz on November 8, 2016 in Cartoons, El Now


bigcharliecover“All is forgiven,” says the weeping Prophet Mohammed on the cover of the first post-massacre issue of Charlie Hebdo. “I am Charlie,” reads the sign.

Read more at The Washington Post.

cryingindianAmerica’s favorite (crying) Indian actor, Iron Eyes Cody, was actually born Espera Oscar de Corti in rural Louisiana in 1904. His parents, Antonio de Corti and Francesca Salpietra, had emigrated from Sicily just a few years before.

After his non-Native history was revealed late in his career, Iron Eyes Cody refused to admit the truth and continued to wear his braided wig, headdress, and moccasins, and never stopped his support of Native Americans. [Mas…]

This week on Mija: so much crying! I explain the sequester with a stick of butter and discuss Marco Rubio’s visit to Israel. Plus, a bunch of dead sea animals wash ashore mi tierra, Peru and I wear a sweater!

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