Argentinian actress and speech coach Guadalupe “Lupita” Gutierrez shows how to speak with an American accent. At least, that’s what she thinks… [Video by Natalia Abelleyra.]


Do ju know how to talk like a Mexican? Watch thees video by voice and speech coach Andrea Caban and ju will learn how to speak Mexican. Ju know?


This classic Jack Benny routine with Mel Blanc from the 1960s make for major LULz. But is this vintage comedy sketch racist, just old school or both? Mel Blanc talks in a “Mexican” accent but does his portrayal demean Mexicans? How about his wardrobe? What do you think? [Mas…]

We know some of you are morons or racists or both. Different strokes, meng, different strokes. It’s cool. Here’s a transcript of the speech on immigration that Bronco Bama just delivered in Las Vegas, translated into easy-to-understand Moron. Just for you!


Dank you. It is good t’ be back in Las Begas.

And it is good t’ be among so many good friends. Let – let me start off by dankigg ebehybody at Del Sol High School f’ hostigg us.


Go Dragons. Let me especial dank your outstandigg principal, Lisa Primos (ph).


Dehe are all kinds of notaggle guests hehe, uh uh uh, but I dgust want t’ minion a few. Firss of all, our outstandigg secret of de Departmin of Homeland Security, Dganet Napolitano, is hehe. [Mas…]

Just around the time actual Latino astronaut José Hernández was born, actor and comic Bill Dana (not a Latino) got famous playing José Jiménez, a sweet but dimwitted astronaut with a thick Latino accent.

It was the beginning of the Space Race and astronauts were America’s new heroes, but the very idea of a Chicano in space was a joke. [Mas…]

When former Spanish-Speaker of the House Newt “Moon Unit” Gingrich announced Spanish was the loving-language of the ghetto, people thought he was a madman. Others were not sure if he meant the American ghetto or the Warsaw Ghetto.

Now, thanks to super-secret domestic surveillance footage released via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Gingrich offers this video as conclusive proof that Spanish is, in fact…the language of the ghetto.  But why did it have to be Castilian?

Secret New Hampshire: They lie about origins, talk funny and hate God

by Lucida Grandé January 10, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from NEW ENGLAND) New Hampshire is the small Yanqui state where Republicans vote today in a primary election. When tonight’s results come in, remember where they’re coming from – a jurisdiction where people live a lie, talk in a dialect devoid in rhoticity and don’t go to church like other Americans! These are […]