Is what you eat political? Do you accept the claim that your food choices determine your social order in this world? And do you accept that conforming to white American norms in eating is important in transforming people of color into better citizens? Will assimilating ones food choices make people of color less prone to crime and revolutionary tendencies?

Believe it or not, this is something that has been explored and well discussed in our communities for over a century.

In the 1920s in Southern California there were social reformers who were sent on transform the eating choices made by the public, especially among the immigrant working-class.

One of the most notable reformers to arise in this era was a lady by the name of Pearl Idelia Ellis, of the Department of Americanization and Homemaking, of Covina City Elementary Schools. She was the author the guide Americanization though Homemaking which was published in 1929, detailing her work.

You’ve tried a dozen different diets, you’ve exercised until you could barely walk, and yet the pounds and the inches stick around like bad karma or that weird kid Rob from ninth grade who stalks you on Facebook. What exactly is the secret to a perfect body? It’s simple: GENETICS™

corn-maizDecolonizing your diet is more than a trendy Chicanx meme, it’s a book, and a chingon idea.

If you want to just say “No!” to the comida of the Conquistadors and eat what Tlaloc intended — the authentic food of your ancestors — here are the Pocho Ocho Top Ways to Decolonize Your Diet:

8. Take the milk out of chocolate and put the chile back in

7. Honor the Aztecs and eat more of Moctezuma’s gold

6. Chihuahua on a stick


Santa Monica celebrity lifestyle guru Marisol Weaver shows how you can eat all the churros you want and still lose weight — if you follow her Churro Diet.



This is Nadine’s report on the ‘Mexican Mole Lizard’ (video)

by Lucida Grandé June 7, 2016 Cultura
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Did you know the Mexican Mole Lizard has front legs that it uses to dig borrows? It’s also a carnivore that likes to chow down on ants and termites. Nadine’s short video explains it all.


Area Man’s Dilemma: ‘Work on beach body or just wear a t-shirt?’

by María Purísima April 17, 2015 El Now
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(PNS reporting from HOUSTON) Julio Reyes wanted a beach body shape this Summer, but after weighing changing his diet, swapping soda for water and committing to a strenuous of weights and cardio, he reconsidered. “I think I’m just going to wear my t-shirt with my swim trunks this year,” he told PNS. “That way, if […]