sprayinginsideSet your Magic Holy Water Squeeze & Spray Plastic Atomizer on Maximum Ojo as a “Christian Pastor Is Attacked By Evil Spirit On Camera,” according to the LiveLeak uploader:

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA (Central America) 6 dolls made from cloth and drenched in unknown blood were left on the frontyard of a house, the residents claim that now the house is inundated with evil spirts [sic].


jesuskendoll(PNS reporting from ANAHEIM) Movie executives here are scrambling to respond to the fury over just-announced Christian religious figures re-imagined as Barbie dolls.

The Kens and Barbies are slated to promote the Mattel-Disney movie Crucifiction that “rebrands” the Passion of Jesus. The film is set for Xmas release.

The Disney reps — now on the defensive — have a heavy cross to bear. [Mas…]

Is it time for a Homie in the Casa Blanca?

The Homies pick up some unexpected support when their anti-violence march runs into the Padre in front of the neighborhood church.

Many drivers feel compelled to hang eclectic things from their rear view mirrors as a personal statement of identity, like a moniker or family crest. They painstakingly choose a little symbol that transforms their mass-produced faceless production vehicle into an expression of self.

In any discussion of how Latinos choose to label themselves, maybe researchers should check out someone’s ride before they fill out a questionnaire.

Back in the day and several years before my time, it was vogue to hang fuzzy dice from your rear view mirror, indicating you considered yourself a wild rebellious playboy gambler and wanted everyone to know. [Mas…]

From the late Homies Hip Hop Show on LATV.