It’s an old Irish proverb, according to video makers Sergio Gonzalez and Adam McCoy:

A man takes a drink,
Then a drink takes a drink,
Then the drink takes the man.

Read these instructions from the creators before attempting to view this video: [Mas…]


godmotherPop surrealist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros goes behind the screens at the Magic Kingdom to reveal the real Disney, the Disney the Hollywood PR machine won’t let you see. His paintings are on display L.A.’s La Luz de Jesus Gallery until the end of the month. [Photos courtesy Hint Magazine.] [Mas…]


Pocho Ocho top ways to celebrate this July 4 weekend

by María Purísima June 28, 2012 Cultura
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There’s no holiday more pocho than the Fourth of July. Independence Day has all the elements that make for an awesome celebration: it marks a momentous event in our history plus there’s a barbecue, family, friends and the perfect excuse to play with fire, fireworks and/or firearms. Some of you may already starting to party […]