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Do you have El Chapo and Kate Castillo piñatas? Claro! Coming right up! Euronews outlet RT explains: [Mas…]


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This video was delayed by Customs for reasons, but we’re happy to bring it to you now. Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with fugitive drug lord El Chapo, his crew, and his special tricolor cupcakes!

elchapomugshotThe daring prison escape of Mexican drug lord El Chapo Guzman Saturday has raised many questions. Why Saturday? Who dug the tunnel? How did they do it? How did they hide?

Here are Pocho Ocho Most Amazing Facts Behind El Chapo’s Escape we’ve unearthed so far:

8. Shoutout to Uber de Mexico for the fast pickup!

7. Strategic rest areas every 200 meters stocked with Red Bull and Takis

6. Extra guys at Home Depot got lucky that day [Mas…]