When the weather get cold, everyone shivers, including your creepy uncle and the folks at your racist cult tent meetings in the woods. That’s why you need Snuggies — they’re like blankets, but with pinche sleeves! [Totally NSFW language.]

Mexican-born (just like his BFF’s dad!) actor and comedian Paul Rodriguez wants Latinos to vote for Gov. Mitt Romney in November and recorded 60 seconds of audio (below) to explain why. No habla Espanish? No problemo! We made this video with English titles so you can follow along.

Background footage via the Occupy Wall Street Archive.

Monareta, a band made up of dancing aliens from outer space, has the best spinning propeller nerd beanies in all of Colombia. This is their video, Llama. That’s all we know for sure. If you have any additional information, please contact the appropriate authorities in your jurisdiction. And dance!

Que busy ñewsweek!

Say hello to Angry Abuelas, pochos. The new iPhone 5 — code-named La Raza — is especially designed for Latinos.

Two  videos broke the news: GOP presidential wannabe Mitt Romney wished he were a puro Latino and his campaign released a new Spanish-language ad aimed at “white Hispanics.”

In science ñews, cilantro haters breathed a sigh of relief as genetics proved it was not their fault and the new African monkey species looks familiar somehow.

Here are the links: [Mas…]

Republican standard-bearer Gov. Willard “Mitt” Romney has released a new Spanish-language TV commercial. If you don’t hablar, we’ve prepared an English-subtitled/captioned version for your enlightenment.

Yamil (“I’m Hispanic”) Piedra doesn’t like the shows, doesn’t think the comedies are funny, hates the dubbing and thinks everyone who does the Spanish voices sounds like they were recorded while sitting on the porcelain convenience. YMMV.

New video proves ‘Star Wars’ is a Latino-inspired ‘Galaxy of Pasion’

by Pocha Peña June 7, 2012 Cultura
Thumbnail image for New video proves ‘Star Wars’ is a Latino-inspired ‘Galaxy of Pasion’

We all know Star Wars ripped off of Latino culture. Accept it! Chuey Baca? Juan Solo? Luke is a farm worker who drives a lowrider and wants to join the military? Well, here’s the final proof submitted for your approval: Galaxy de Pasion.  Bet Juan Solo has no problem making the Kessel Run in the […]