easter egg

jesustortillawide“A woman in southern Mexico decided to use a tortilla she had just made for spiritual, rather than physical, food after seeing the face of Jesus Christ looking back at her,” reports the Daily Mail:

Enedina Mendoza and her family make tortillas in the small Oaxacan town of Tlalixtac de Cabrera, and the baker that she [said] normally doesn’t even look at her creations.

However, instead of sending one tortilla off to become a blessed burrito, Mendoza took another glance and recognized the son of God.



A Mexican actor standing by an outdoor fountain in a San Angeles park is sick and tired of getting the same stereotyped “Mexican” roles over and over again. [Skip past the intro to 1:40 for the Mexican’s rant. To read the teeny closed captions, switch to full-screen playback.]