echo park

The late musical genius Warren Zevon was in Ensendada, no maybe he was in Echo Park. And maybe he OD’d on heroin, or not. He did hear “mariachi static on his radio,” however. The live video is from 1977.

Mira los lyrics: [Mas…]

Dorian Wood is a Los Angeles-based avant garde (“alternative” is not a big enough word) composer and performer who publishes his own compositions via a company called Why Are You Doing This Music which maybe gives you a hint of what to expect from his self-produced album Rattle Rattle. This version of the Echo Park homie’s original song La Cara Infinta (on the album) was recorded live on July 5 at the MorYork Gallery in L.A. That’s Ms. Eddika Organista on guest vocals. Just wow.

You want more, right? Here’s the complete audio for Rattle Rattle: [Mas…]

Saturday Night Funnies! In our exciting and biting second podcast, POCHO’s Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz, Migrant Editor Al Madrigal and Subcommandanta del News Sara Inés Calderón talk about homeless human WiFi hotspots, an asteroid heading towards Earth, disaster preparedness (Al grows veggies) and the Austin GeekFiesta also known as SXSW (South By Southwest.) LOLs aplenty! (NSFW language.)

Podcast produced by Marcelo Ziperovich, Jefe de Creative, who also took these photos.