juikiVenezuela-based “transparency” website JuikiLiques dropped some big political bombshells this morning — the so-called “October Surprise.”

POCHO’s Especial Correspondents axed all the refryable sources to concoct this list, so check it out: The Pocho Ocho Top Juikiliques Bombshells:

8. Donald Trump’s plan to have “Mexico pay for the wall” relies on hiring Mexican workers, not paying them, and then deporting them, a scheme that worked so well in previous real estate projects.

7. Hillary Clinton threw away over 200 valuable AOL membership CDs and never told the FBI.

6. Donald Trump’s hairdresser, former airport cosmetologist Manila Envelopé, won’t use anything but Tres Flores mousse for Trump’s weave-over, but she removes the labels so the Donald won’t know. [Mas…]

mashiCheck out this web app where you can make a video with the words you put in the mouth of Rafael Correa, the anti-free speech President of Ecuador.

And here he thought he was the only person allowed to say anything without fear of repression. Not on our Internet, amigo.

I’d love to see a Trump version of MashiMachine!

pastriesGot your cafecito ready? Sit down at the mesa and enjoy delicious fracturas from Argentina and sweet quesadillas from Ecuador. [Mas…]

They may not be the heroes that Ecuador needs or deserves but they sure do get pissed off when you don’t know where a comma goes.

Since January, vigilantes in Quito, Ecuador have been correcting mistakes in the city’s graffiti.

These guerillas use stencils cut from pizza boxes to add commas, question marks and, ah yes, even accent marks to imperfect street art around town.

The members of Acción Ortográfica Quito take their pseudonyms (or superhero names) from punctuation marks: Diéresis, Tilde and Coma.

Diéresis, a 30-year-old lawyer/vigilante, told The Guardian in an interview, “Grammatical errors cause stress. We only make texts comprehensible that otherwise would not send any message whatsoever.” [Mas…]

This is how they party in Quito, Ecuador. Clowns, luchadores, stilt-walkers, magicians, fireworks and music all get screen time in Swing Original Monks’ Fiesta Popular.

bigpyramidA team of explorers has found a gigantic stone pyramid (and gigantic stone hammers) in the Amazonian rain forest of Ecuador, an ancient complex which corresponds to a local legend about a City of Giants. reports:

At the discovered site there is one extremely large pyramidal type structure of approximately 80 metres square base and 80 metres height, with steeply inclined walls. This structure is made up of irregular shaped large cut stone blocks, each currently calculated to be approximately 2 tonnes in weight; many hundreds of such blocks make up the walls of the building. [Mas…]

Accused rapist? Fugitive spy? Ask your travel agent to ‘Do Ecuador’

by EDUARDO BURRO June 25, 2013 El Now
Thumbnail image for Accused rapist? Fugitive spy? Ask your travel agent to ‘Do Ecuador’

(PNS reporting from QUITO) You don’t have to be an accused rapist hiding from the Swedish police like Julian Assange or an alleged spy like Edward Snowden to consider asylum in the República del Ecuador. That’s the message of the new Do Ecuador marketing campaign from Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism, which was announced in this […]