They let POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz speak at San Diego Comic Con 2017’s Chicano Comics panel — a home town audience. What happened next? Believe it or nalgas! [Video by QoVoC.]


Jorge Ramos, of Univision and FUSION, says there is but one moral choice for America: We have to treat child refugees like the children they are — with love.

Morrissey was neither qualified nor cholafied to run Egypt. Totally in the Nile.

Srsly. “By order of the Prophet,” he banned that boogie sound. WTF?

Muslim Brotherhood, my peckerwood! If the rebels get re-Tweeted, the tyrant is defeated.

In ancient Africa, the pharoahs and pharoahitas communicated with Sirius the Dog Star — long before the white devils barked at the Moon. Nubians found the Monolith, and we were nubies no more. [Mas…]

It’s Ray’s Podcast — from the Ciudad of Brotherly Love. [Mas…]

“If the chancla flies, your mom is wise,” noted defense attorney Juan E. Cocran told the court, and we’ve got video to prove it.

The epic flying chanclas video topped the list of big estories on POCHO this week, but only just squeezed out the Mexclusive guest editorial by GOP nominee wannabe Mexican Mitt Romney, the latest chapter in the existential quest of Chuy and Smiley in Hey Vato! and very intimate advice from Dear Abuelita.

Here are the links: [Mas…]

Lalo Alcaraz: Selected cartoons, posters, art and illustrations

by Lalo Alcaraz April 1, 2012 Cartoons
Thumbnail image for Lalo Alcaraz: Selected cartoons, posters, art and illustrations

Here are some of my recent favorite cartoons, posters, illustrations and propaganda. I hope they’re your favorites, too!