An anonymous Palacios, TX man and his friends were so stoked by this encounter last month with UFOs that he uploaded his first YouTube video, shot on his cheap-ass Galaxy Note 2 [NSFW language.]

He also reported his encounter to the National UFO Reporting Center: [Mas…]

The view is from Mulholland Drive, the fabled road that follows the crest of the Santa Monica Mountains, looking north into the San Fernando Valley toward Pacoima, hometown of Ritchie Valens. But wait, what’s that, up in the air…

Still from UFO video (below)

8. If you spend your time looking up, someone will steal your wallet.

7. The only real flying object threat is a chancla.

6. We find the word “alien” pejorative and didactic. (Don’t hate on PhDs) [Mas…]