Amarillo by Ana Pérez López considers the banana, a fruit that has been part of our cultural history for centuries and is now threatened by extinction through monocropping and a looming epidemic. López is an MFA candidate at CalArts.

ebolaAmericans are worried about the chances of a future Ebola epidemic.

But is there really anything to be scared about? After all, there are Pocho Ocho diseases that are way more dangerous than Ebola:

8. Nobolas

7. Tres bolas

6. Cebolla [Mas…]

pauldeenmanteca(PNS reporting from MEXICO) In news that sent copious ripples across the border belt, a study released this week reports that Mexico has surpassed the U.S. as the fattest country in the world.

The revelation infuriated Republican leaders, who saw it as another sign that America is losing its leadership edge in the international arena.

“First Mexicans take our jobs, and now they’re taking our fat!” said FLA Gov. Rick Scott, who fears the change will decimate the state’s thriving Gluteoplasty industry.

“This news takes the cake! We’re not going to take this sitting down,” said Scott.

Scott also encouraged Americans to eat more funk food, soda and processed foods to regain the U.S. role as a super-sized superpower. [Mas…]