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I’m dreaming of a white privilege, just like the one y’all seem to know.

InSelfDefense12wThis editorial cartoon, In Self-Defense, by cartoonist A. B. Frost, ran in Harper’s Weekly on October 28, 1876, on page 880.

The HarpWeek blog explains:

This image dramatically condemns the brutal racism of some white Southerners against blacks. The white man has killed a black child, and his plea of “self-defense” exemplifies the perspective among Southern whites that Reconstruction had led to “black rule.” The cartoon appeared just a few weeks before the presidential election.

ICantBreatheRicardoCateNative cartoonist Ricardo Caté of the Kewa Pueblo is a friend of POCHO and the author of the hilarious non-PC comic strip Without Reservations, which runs in the Santa Fe New Mexican and soon all over Turtle Island, from beak to tail.

Here one of his characters sports an “I Can’t Breathe” tshirt in support of Eric Garner. In case you didn’t already know, the next most disproportionately killed-by-police group behind African-Americans is Native Americans.

Check out Ricardo’s website here.

bunuelosHola. Is Tia Lencha here. My heart is broke. I no have a novio anymore. My comadre say there is something wrong with all the mens on the Google. Is true. In this case, I wasn’t enough of a man for him. Oh gwell.

I oso a little heartbreak because my carro (thas car for ju pochos) die. My comadre say that only my luck gwith mens is worser than my luck gwith carros.

Oso, I am very heart break because of the 43 estudents that got kill and throwed away in Mexico.

Then I saw Mijo look sad jesterday and ask him what wrong. He say that he is sad because the police who kill Michael Brown and Eric Garner got out for free. He say this country is no the country of freedom if black mens cannot gwalk the streets without getting kill. [Mas…]

When they made this video last summer, it was a joke :-(

by Lucida Grandé December 9, 2014 Cultura
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A white cop encounters an unarmed black dude and you won’t believe what happens next!


[Toon] Cop. Lynch. Noose.

by Lalo Alcaraz December 5, 2014 Cartoons
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Cops out of control kill Eric Garner in NYC, Mike Brown in MO (videos)

by POCHOS CON ACTITUD August 13, 2014 Cultura
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#RIPMikeBrown #RIPEricGarner & to all boys/men of color who've lost their lives to ignorance, hate & injustice. — Veronica Rodriguez (@LaresNYC) August 13, 2014