It’s POCHO Jefe Lalo Alcaraz, guesting on the Only in America podcast with Ali Noorani. Here’s how they describe the episode: [Mas…]

When he taught ESL, POCHO amigo Eric Holland learned that a song is a great way to teach students a new language. He wrote this song to teach English-speaking [adult] gabachos a few useful words en Español.


shamed [Mas…]

eslGringo instructor adamant class loves him

(PNS reporting from HEREDIA, COSTA RICA) A business English language class at Intel, Inc. unanimously agreed in a recent questionnaire that teacher Bryan McNutt’s two strongest abilities are being a painfully oblivious gringo and poor wardrobe choices.

The group of six, who requested their names be withheld, filled out the survey about their teacher after complaints were filed about the quality of classes he was providing. A big part of the problem, one student explained, was McNutt’s sartorial choices.

“Every five seconds he’s grabbing his Ropa Americana and pants so they don’t fall down,” one student said. “Is it school policy for every teacher to look like a poorly-dressed Mormon missionary?” [Mas…]

Yes, you can!

Life with the Guzman family was already crazy, and then masked uncle Tio Lucho learned about Facebook in his ESL class. Will the Internets ever be the same? (NSFW language.)