Tip from ex-Facebook friend breaks bad news

(PNS reporting from SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA) A “Study Abroad” student received some upsetting news last week when she realized nothing around her looked like the Lonely Planet guidebook she was carrying.

Becky Miller, a 21-year old geography major from Louisville, KY, was scheduled to spend three months in San Jose studying Spanish as a student with Veritas University. Her plans are now very much in doubt after she blew most of her savings in central California on San Jose Shark hockey games and visiting the Winchester Mystery Mansion. [Mas…]

She’s so cute, my old country Mexican mom, says Rick Izquieta, but she wants to get on “Feisbuk.” No way, Jose!

Facebook stock is foundering and cash-heavy investors are looking for a better place to lose their online money. That’s why MexicanMitt Romney is launching his own social media site – Feisbuk.

POCHO asked the nominee wannabe one question: What does Feisbuk have that Facebook doesn’t? Here’s his reply: