Guatemalan artist Mike Alfaro is the creator of “Millennial Lotería” — updated Lotería cards for a “new generation.” [Mas…]


sadgirl(PNS reporting from HOUSTON) After careful consideration, local woman Estela Zamora, 28, is aiming to be less ambitious in 2015.

“Turns out the ‘American Dream’ doesn’t mean to aim for the stars, but rather, right under the stars, where it’s safe and there’s more company,” Zamora told PNS Sunday.

“I’m just tired of getting flack for aiming too damn high!” [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from MEXICO, DF) Dead Mexican feminist artist and icon Frida Kahlo has finally come to her senses and visited a cosmetologist here to clean up her act. The old Frida, with monobrow and bigote, is on the left; new shiny, happy Frida on the right:


Here are the same photos but bigger so you can check out the subtle differences that make up a makeup artist’s art: [Mas…]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Peep the lovely green Xmas foliage and twinkling red holiday lights plus an Art Nouveau Feminist Madonna in this illustration/logo for NorCal attorney Omar Rodriguez.