first contact


Familiar images morph into an unexpected sensual landscape of chill sound and shadow in El Contacto, a (music) video from Spanish filmmaker Francisco Montoro.

A group of “isolates” from the Ashaninka Indian tribe in Acre in Northwest Brazil made “first contact” with government scientists last month. reports: [Mas…]

Really, you want to do the right thing. Love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, if it’s yellow let it mellow.

Enticing noises. Hypnotic lights.

All your life you’ve been thinking about the Mothership and the Space Brothers and ZOMG here they are in your backyard! What do you do? You do the Christian thing and invite them in for cuppa tea, of course. And what the frack do the aliens do? Hint: It involves babies and microwaves. (Based on a true story. Simulated gore may sicken people who are sickened by that kind of stuff.)

You’re sitting here waiting for the Mothership, you say? Too late, holmes. They’ve come and gone.