first nation

twomodelsNative American (Apsáalooke) designer Bethany Yellowtail’s latest fashions are perfect on Ojibwe model Jade Willoughby and Tlingit/Koyukon/Athabascan model Martin Sensmeier. No cultures were appropriated in the making of these garments, these photos or this video. [Mas…]

First Nation band Drezus is on the Warpath in this single from their new album Indian Summer. “When it all goes bad,” they ask, “who’s gonna ride with me?”


twotoonsOne of my preferred topics for editorial cartoons has always been American mistreatment of indigenous people. Nothing makes me feel better than dreaming up a solid cartoon that reminds us all about the sordid history of our country’s crimes against Indians. The only thing more satisfying is seeing my ideas validated.

This weekend POCHO Florida Burro Jefe Santino J. Rivera sent me a “heads-up” about a Tweet featuring one of these editorial cartoons. I clicked the link and just about fell out of my chair.

The graphic in the Tweet was a side-by-side presentation of my cartoon showing a Native American confronting an Indian-mascot-garbed sports fan next to a photograph of a Native American confronting an Indian-mascot-garbed sports fan (image, above.) [Mas…]