flying saucers

Still from UFO video (below)

8. If you spend your time looking up, someone will steal your wallet.

7. The only real flying object threat is a chancla.

6. We find the word “alien” pejorative and didactic. (Don’t hate on PhDs) [Mas…]

What do you think of this video of a UFO buzzing Mexico City?

Before X Files claimed “the truth is out there,” before anyone heard of the Mayan Apocalypse, visionary Bill Barker raised the alarm, warning the few who would listen about the real illegal immigration threat – the imminent invasion of Gray Aliens from Outer Espace.

For a while, anyhow. Then he went over to Their Side.

Hollywood-born Barker, who recently approached POCHO to sugarcoat his poison meme, claimed:

I “parquito the espanale” a little. And I was raised in East L.A., near Maywood.

This human sellout — channeling thought emanations from Zeta Reticuli — created, built, staffed and managed the SCHWA Corporation, the holding company of the grays. His mission? Carry out the commands of the Alien Overlords and complete the domination of Earth and its clueless Stick People.

Barker proudly gave POCHO his SCHWA World Operations Manual, and we present it here so you can Know Thy Enemy. Read it before you die. Or peep our handy video, ribbed for your protection. [Mas…]