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It’s time once again to order your LALO ALCARAZ CARTOON CALENDAR.

Because of the horrible path the US has continued on this past year, I will make this promise: I will do my best to try to keep you sane and somewhat amused in 2018 through cartoons and other online chingaderas, but one way I can do it every day is if you buy my 2018 Cartoon Calendar. [Mas…]

paintisgoodfoodAuthor and illustrator Jeff Waldman is all about spreading the knowledge and enlightening the world. [Mas…]

whatisaburrofinalAt the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO, last week, a question for the ages: What is a burro? [Click on the photograph to enlarge.]


(PNS reporting from LAS VEGAS) Guitar hero and chart-topping band leader Carlos Santana has put his 7,240-square-foot, four-bedroom, six-bath home up for sale as part a 12-step program to “mend…[his]..evil ways” and simplify his life, PNS has learned. [Mas…]

Mayans and Aztecs are the new black and now it’s only $1,949,000 for the Aztec/Mayan psychedelic pyramid estate of your dreams, right here in Pocho Estates (A Gated Community.)   Here’s the listing and a mini photo gallery:

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR EXCITEMENT? Want to be transported from the Aztec Pyramids of the 16th Century, into a 23rd century architectural wonder? A monumental sculpture moves from one end of the infinity pool to the other, like Aztec steps leading to an array of futuristic marvels. As you float in this pool, youre at the top of a Mayan empire, surrounded by mountains. Its just you & nature.The first floor is 6700 square feet of openness,with a kitchen floating in the middle, awash in rich wood cabinets, and a breakfast area with four huge windows,all facing those magnificent mountains. Acid washed concrete floors link each area, interspersed with slate-wrapped pillars. Both the living area and master bedroom boast a 4-sided fireplace, wrapped in Italian tiles. [Mas…]