Young-Frida-Kahlo-1These photographs of young Magdalena Carmen Frieda, later known as Frida Kahlo, were taken by her Hungarian Jewish father Guillermo, over a period of 20 years. Baby Frida is two years old in this first shot. [Mas…]

Young luchadora wannabe Frida (check her eyebrows) has trouble finding success in the ring – until she finds herself and becomes The Flying Tomato.

detroitnewsfridaheadlineIn the early 1930s, Frida Kahlo joined her (at the time) much more famous husband Diego Rivera in Detroit, Michigan, where he was prepping murals. The Detroit News caught up with the couple and the resulting feature story is in a new exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Art.

“Senora Diego Rivera,” as she’s called in the article, didn’t let Diego hog the limelight, even though she was dressed in a “foolish little ruffled apron.”

“Of course he [Diego] does pretty well for a little boy,” she told reporter Florence Davies, “but it is I who am the big artist.”


(PNS reporting from MEXICO, DF) Dead Mexican feminist artist and icon Frida Kahlo has finally come to her senses and visited a cosmetologist here to clean up her act. The old Frida, with monobrow and bigote, is on the left; new shiny, happy Frida on the right:


Here are the same photos but bigger so you can check out the subtle differences that make up a makeup artist’s art: [Mas…]

Breaking: Silicio Barrio startup demos 3D tortilla printer

by EDUARDO BURRO May 16, 2013 El Now
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(PNS reporting from GUANAJUATO, MX) Previously-secret startup today unveiled a hardware/software combo that uses 3D printing to print corn or flour tortillas with the religious or brand image of your choice. “The waiting is over!” Carlos Molinero, president of the Silicio Barrio company, told reporters here. “You need Jesus? He’s just a click away. […]