Hot under the collar in Mexico City? Tizne Tacomotora has ice cream tacos!

During the 1990s, when Luis Echeverría Álvarez was president of Mexico, technicians recorded a presentation of Mexicanos, al grito de guerra, the Mexican national anthem. In 2014, artist Iván Abreu “pressed” the anthem onto a 7-inch 45-RPM record made of ice. Listen before it melts! Or maybe listen WHILE it melts, starting about two minutes in.

paletero640(PNS reporting from WALL STREET) Summer has begun baking the country, and that means just one thing on Wall Street: A steep rise in the value of paleta stocks.

“We all look forward to a seasonal bump in the iced treats sector.  This year, Navidad came early,” said Alexander Wiseman, a desserts and novelty/snack food analyst for investment bank Barney, Smith & Locke.

“The paletas de coco seem to be particularly big sellers thus far, but more conservative investors are sticking with the time-tested favorites, such as fresa and limón. Ah, nothing really cools you down like a lime paleta,” he told PNS. [Mas…]