sparkleturd (PNS reporting from BEVERLY HILLS) Local #207 of the Federation of Turd Polishers (FTP) has chosen “The Mainstream Media” as the recipient of their 2016 Golden Dookie Award, PNS has learned.

The union will cite the news media’s whitewashing of Donald Trump’s hate, xenophobia, racial prejudice, misogyny, lies, bullying, sexual assault, fraud, and foreign entanglements as “the new normal.”

“They polished the shit right off of that turd,” one FTP official told PNS. [Mas…]

ringMake America Great Again with Mike Pence That Mexican Thing Again ringtones.

They’re the perfect audio identifiers for those extra especial phone calls! [Mas…]


O.C. Chican@ activists-artists-musicians Salvajes’ new music video Downpressor Shitstem has a message: “Stand up for your rights and f___ the police!” [NSFW. language.]