Those wacky kids in Wellington, New Zealand, are raising money for a healthy, green taco scene. Can you help?

From the PledgeMe fundraiser page:

About Wellington Taco Cleanse

Project 2016-11-02 12:52:08 +1300

We have a dream.

We dream of a world in which vegans, vegetarians, omnivores and coeliacs can eat together. We dream of a world in which NO man, woman or child in Wellington goes without the tacos they need to live a full and rewarding life.

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Basketball: The undefeated Pocho High Fighting Santos meet the Chupacabras of Don Fernando Valley High for the state hoops semifinals next week in Rancho Cucamonga. Booster Club president Cal Ifas wants to remind fans the vuvuzelas have arrived and you can pick up your order at his auto upholstery shop weekdays and Saturdays. Califas Tuck y Roll is in the Pocho Industrial Park behind the Tapatio plant.

Tourism: The El Rancho Pocho Downtown Historical District has once again garnered a mention in Zagat’s Off the Beaten Path Travel Guide: “A sketchy tattoo parlor, Lupe’s Mistic Yerberia and a car battery recycling joint take you back to an earlier time, a time that wasn’t really all that good, actually, but if that’s what you’re looking for, the El Rancho Pocho Downtown Historical District has it all.” [Mas…]