funny or die

Dr. Harold Bornstein — that wack long-haired doctor who wrote a weird-ass letter about Donald Trump’s health — comes clean with the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this shocking new video. [Yes, that’s STTNG’s Brent Spiner, Trekkies!]

Planning to video some police brutality? Do you need extra battery life because the popo are out of control? Police badge number recognition? Instant posting to Facebook? Jerrod Carmichael has the perfect phone for you!


trumpezThis pinche guero leads the polls and has a chance of becoming El Presidente.

¡Hola! It’s me, Borg Ramos, and I’m back at Univision, where it’s time to get up close y personal with Donaldo Trumpez. [Mas…]

The Second Amendment is for everyone, right? Join Sarah Silverman and support everyone’s right to life, so a young black man — armed with a gun for self defense — can wear a hoodie and walk to the store for Skittles without fearing for his safety. The Black NRA: Because we all need to stand our ground!

This short video exposes uppity Obama’s selfish assault on the God-given rights of real Americans — a truthy look at guns TOO REAL for the lamestream media because chemtrails. NRA: Straight out of Downton.