Painting on the radio is like fish on bicycles, except if you are POCHO amigo Ramiro Gomez, Jr., whose artistic mission is to represent the usually invisible immigrant laborers who keep America running.

Via NPR’s Morning Edition: [Mas…]

ramiro-gomez-750We’ve been celebrating the artwork of SoCal’s Ramiro Gomez, Jr. since 2012 and we’re thrilled he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. Just this week he was named one of OUT magazine’s OUT100 (photo), and The Atlantic featured him in a video: [Mas…]

bigramiroWe first met West Hollywood artist Ramiro Gomez when he began placing his hand-painted cardboard figures of immigrant laborers in prominent public spaces in Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Even as his audience has expanded via out-of-town art exhibits and a documentary film, he still plants cutout cardboard workers in places where their real-life counterparts have been before. Gomez’ aim? To make workers who are normally INVISIBLE become visible to passersby who look away or look but never see.

This gardener with a hose popped up Wednesday just before sunset in Beverly Hills near that famous hotel. Like all Gomez’ creations, he has a name. Meet Sergio. [Mas…]


A Mexican actor standing by an outdoor fountain in a San Angeles park is sick and tired of getting the same stereotyped “Mexican” roles over and over again. [Skip past the intro to 1:40 for the Mexican’s rant. To read the teeny closed captions, switch to full-screen playback.]


Fired undocumented gardener sorry he ‘peed on Romney’s petunias’

by JERRY RIVERS May 11, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from BEVERLY HILLS) Inspired by Mitt Romney’s apology for assaulting a long-haired commie prep school classmate, one of the undocumented gardeners Romney hired and then fired in 1996 has issued his own apology. Berto Lopez, now working as a freelance arborist in Beverly Hills, regrets he once peed on the then-governor’s prized petunias. “I […]


Pocho Ocho props you need to be a proper Latino

by Sara Inés Calderón February 28, 2012 Cultura
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You know, sometimes it’s hard being Latino. You wake up, go about your day, do your business, and then people ask you where your donkey is, or whether your family is from Mexico. And, you know, it may be that your family has been in the U.S. longer than theirs, or that no one in […]


MEChA student upset no Latinos on ‘Downton Abbey’

by Victor Payan February 1, 2012 Cultura
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(PNS reporting from EAST LOS) East Los Angeles College grad student and lifetime MEChA member Albert Principio is blasting the Public Broadcasting Service over the absence of Latinos on the hit British programme Downton Abbey, which chronicles the escapades of the aristocratic Grantham family and their fun-loving servants in the years surrounding World War I. […]