genetic engineering

(PNS reporting from MEXICO DF) Farmers, activists, students, scientists and foodies organized a Carnival of Corn in Mexico City over the weekend to protest  genetically-engineered corn being forced into the food supply by corporations specifically like Monsanto.

GMO corn, which is short for GITMO, or Guantanamo Corn, carries a gene designed to kill insects if eaten and hold people hostage to the St. Louis-based Monsanto Corporation.

Monsanto’s “Roundup-Ready” corn has been approved as feed for animals but not humans. Studies have shown that the human body is not be able to digest a key protein in this killer corn.

Monsanto’s killer corn first made headlines when it was accidentally used to make taco shells for Taco Bell in 2000.

“Eating this corn caused digestive problems, cramping, spasms, allergic reactions and even night blindness,” said Coronel Ben Enoso of the FDA’s Genetic Corn Division. “Unfortunately, this made it pretty hard to distinguish from regular Taco Bell food.” [Mas…]

Two modifications were found in chile DNA -- are they a clue to the 'intruder virus' creator?

(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON) The anti-import National Food Safety Workshop (NFSW) here claims a dangerous foreign food virus is infecting Caucasian-American digestive systems nationwide.

The comida cops say the virus is spread by manipulating the DNA of four foods native to Mexico — chiles, avocado, corn and agave.

“We’re calling it the CACA Virus,” says NFSW chief researcher Dr. Creflo Smith-Buster. “It’s something we had hoped we’d never see – a genetically-modified steaming turd of an illegal alien scientific conundrum on the pristine white floor of a American lab.” [Mas…]