With Germany’s Angela Merkel the new leader of the “Free World,” we thought it was time to brush up on our German, so we asked Mexico’s Fastest Mouse, Speedy Gonzales, for help. Take it away, Speedy el Maus!

Übergrosser gelber Sombrero, weisser Poncho, weisse Hose und ein rotes Halstuch. Das ist Speedy Gonzales, Die schnellste Maus von Mexiko.

Dank seiner ungeheuren Schnelligkeit überlistet er seine Hauptgegner, den tollpatschigen Kater Sylvester und die glücklose Ente Duffy Duck noch und nöcher. "Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!" ruft er mit seinem übertrieben starken mexikanischen Akzent und zischt ab wie eine Rakete.

Mira los lyrics: [Mas…]

Hey, America! You can do anything since you’re a star. Grab US by the P*ssy, please.


Your friends von Desutschland.


Los lyrics: [Mas…]

Heute gibt es meinen mexikanischen Mais Salat in der Version mit Bulgur als Rezept für euch. Der Salat ist so einfach selber zu machen, den bekommt jeder Trottel hin 😉

Das schöne ist noch, dass ihr diesen Salat das ganze Jahr machen könnt da er asaisonal ist.

Hier findet ihr das Rezept

bigflacoHappy 76th birthday, Texas accordian star Flaco Jimenez! Why is Mexican music filled with polkas and waltzes and accordions? It’s about immigration, according to Felix Contreras of NPR’s Alt.Latino and Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records on Morning Edition:



“Last week we made 90 burritos in about 45 minutes in our Boy Scout tent camp,” video uploader Major Boerns explains:

Mexican / Texmex food is hardly known in Germany at all, so it was a bit of a experiment and therefore I posted this here. The children liked it very much… I know this may be some youtube stuff…but this is for the people who look for some recipes for a huge amount of guests… 🙂 Any ideas for improvement and of course any insults welcome 🙂

Just like President John F. Kennedy who charmed the world with this line in the 1960s, “Ich bin ein berliner” is magic.


Lost in translation? German McDonalds ad for mariachi burgers (video)

by MOSCA MEXICAN May 3, 2013 Cultura
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McDonalds auf Deutschland sells Los Wochos. Huh? What are wochos? That means El Chili con Carne, Chicken Fiesta, Los Beefos and salsa pikante, you dumbkopf. Ach du leiber!


Somehow, during the Olympics, we missed the ‘Siesta Cup’ (video)

by NIKE CORTEZ August 14, 2012 Cultura
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This German TV network news report covers the grueling Siesta World Cup competition, which always seems to be always won by Latinos. Thanks to our friends at for the news tip!