Race relations in Los Angeles, 1991 are far from ideal. When Mexican-American Eladio goes to avenge the death of his older brother at the hands of a Korean-American merchant, he soon discovers that he’s not the only one with a reason to kill today. [NSFW adult language, F-bombs; graphic violence.] [Mas…]

New Saturday Night Live cast member Sasheer Zamata just wasn’t black enough at the audition. [Contains N-word, girl!]


It came in exactly this way via our handy SUBMIT form. (On the go? There’s a NSFW two-minute audio podcast version we created at the bottom of this article):

This is to every person who wants to get out and break free to be human and not be a fucking stereotype. I call it the Ghetto Manifesto. I was bred from a culture that lives in fear to succeed. We were once the Gods of the Temples- the living legends standing proud on the steps of Tenochtitlan- Now we are on our knees glorifying the filth around us. Our streets are filled with soldiers of ignorance and rage- fighting brother against brother- for what? A piece of land that we don't even own? For the love we did not receive at home? We call out names- spill our hateful rhetoric, beat each other to be let in to an exclusive group of clowns with silly names. Taking family trips in to unknown territories using hurtful toys to shed innocent blood. The family. What a fucking joke. [Mas…]

When former Spanish-Speaker of the House Newt “Moon Unit” Gingrich announced Spanish was the loving-language of the ghetto, people thought he was a madman. Others were not sure if he meant the American ghetto or the Warsaw Ghetto.

Now, thanks to super-secret domestic surveillance footage released via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Gingrich offers this video as conclusive proof that Spanish is, in fact…the language of the ghetto.  But why did it have to be Castilian?