Wanda Sowry makes what she calls “automata” — self-operating automatons — like this hand-cranked wooden Dia de Los Muertos band. [Video by V[21] Space.]

First the Peruvians found an elongated unearthly skull. And now comes an astonishing new discovery: A strange, huge, 3-fingered hand.

MysteriousUniverse reports:

Less that two months after the revelation of the discovery in Peru of a tiny humanoid head comes another strange finding that is less humanoid and more alien-like. The hand has only three long fingers – no thumb – and has other strange characteristics that make its identity difficult. Does it belong to an alien who can no longer give its buddies a high-three? Are elongated fingers a sign the being also had an elongated skull?


It was a bad day to be a purse snatcher on this bus in Chile. Three cheers for batman!

If you need to get the webbed skin between your thumb and index finger nailed to a wood plank in the backyard, make sure you do it like YouTube user buffoon114; call a professional with the proper tools, safety gear and mad carpentry skillz. (NSFW audio.)