In Henderson, Nevada, an angry Anglo Trump supporter was caught on video last week cursing at Latino construction workers, calling them “illegals,” “wetbacks” and worse. Fox 5 Las Vegas reporter Miguel Martinez-Valle went to find out why the pinche potty-mouthed gringo pendejo was so angry.

CALL FOR COMMENTS: Have any of you pochos been subject to similar harassment lately?

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Fed up with ignorant cat-calls, lewd, rude and suggestive remarks from sexist men on the street, women in Lima set up hidden cameras and — dressed up as “MILFs” — went for a stroll down the calle…walking right by their ignorant, lewd, rude and suggestive…WAIT FOR IT…sons.

It’s hard to be female in America, as “gamergate” and the catcall videos show. But once you know how the system works, you can maybe find a way to make a change. Blythe Baird takes the mic with Girl Code 101.

Let’s face it, hermanas. Dudes yelling rude remarks when you’re walking to work is the last thing you need. What’s the first thing you need? New CockBlok® immediately moves those asshats into the Friend Zone.