Those wacky kids in Wellington, New Zealand, are raising money for a healthy, green taco scene. Can you help?

From the PledgeMe fundraiser page:

About Wellington Taco Cleanse

Project 2016-11-02 12:52:08 +1300

We have a dream.

We dream of a world in which vegans, vegetarians, omnivores and coeliacs can eat together. We dream of a world in which NO man, woman or child in Wellington goes without the tacos they need to live a full and rewarding life.

Dr. Harold Bornstein — that wack long-haired doctor who wrote a weird-ass letter about Donald Trump’s health — comes clean with the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this shocking new video. [Yes, that’s STTNG’s Brent Spiner, Trekkies!]

TacoFix, a new family Mexican restaurant that opened just yesterday (Wednesday) in L.A.’s Highland Park neighborhood, promises they’ll soon be delivering tacos by drone. Watch this proof-of-concept video where a drone makes a delivery to a customer — a hungry guy who just happens to live at 420 Someplace Street. God Bless America.


quetzalEast Los band Quetzal dedicates this video to the street vendors of L.A., the only major U.S. city where street vending is illegal. To learn more about the efforts to help hard-working families like the ones in this video, check out the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign on Facebook. Quetzal is the collaborative project of Quetzal Flores (guitar), Martha González (lead vocals, percussion), Tylana Enomoto (violin), Juan Pérez (bass), Peter Jacobson (cello), and Alberto Lopez (percussion). [Mas…]

Which is better — healthy nori seaweed snacks or fatty, spicy bad-carb-loaded chips? Your Abuelita knows best!


New study: Beans (frijoles) are indeed ‘the magical fruit’

by María Purísima January 30, 2014 El Now
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(PNS reporting from GUANAJUATO, MX) Researchers at Guanajuato University of Technology (GUT) have confirmed that beans (frijoles) are not only one of the oldest and best sources for protein in the Americas, but that they are indeed “a magical fruit.” “Beans are one of the gifts from the New World to the rest of us,” […]


Sad? Depressed? It’s time to ‘Ask Your Doctor About Tacos’ (video)

by María Purísima March 29, 2013 Cultura
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Tacos: the only antidepressant specifically formulated to be freaking delicious! RELATED: Pocho Ocho fascinating hidden powers of Latino food!


Ñewsy Week: Daniel D Portado returns, AL ♥ CA y much more

by Comic Saenz February 5, 2012 El Now
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A busy ñewsweek brought the return to glory of the original self-deportationist, Daniel D. Portado, who, it turns out, is a fictional character created by POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz; an Alabama plan to import Canadians to replace the immigrant labor that used to keep the state running; and militant MEChA murmurings about the Lack of […]