The Hey Vato! show’s Chuy and Smiley wonder if it’s possible to put away those childish things, like that Corinthian dude said, and enjoy an afternoon of beisbol with Los Doyers.

Also seen live on the streets in Japan: [Mas…]

Frost (the artist formerly known as Kid Frost) was tired of dudes just gettin’ over on La Raza when he released this classic Chicano rap track in 1990.

Hey Vato! stars “two puppet cholos who have discussions about everyday “hood” issues and question their ghetto instincts,” director Juan Rodriguez emails. In the first episode, the “struggle within” captures the boys’ attention. Chuy (on the left) is in the jersey and Smiley is wearing the Pendleton. Ralph Waldo Emerson is also involved. (NSFW language.)