Headache? Cold? Flu? Rheumatism? Is your horse sick and tired too? Surrounded by desert, cacti and vultures? Ask a Mexican cabellero with an English accent if Bayer® aspirin is right for you! [Mas…]

We have no problem with the guy riding a horse, but with all the possible places for xlnt tacos in the Great State of Tejas, this baboso goes to Taco Bell?

Either a giant horse or a UFO/OVNI shaped like a giant horse appeared suddenly over Mexico’s Colima volcano last week.

“WTF is going on?” asked Britain’s Daily Mail:

  • Collecting samples for your home planet?
  • Dark UFO resembling a flying horse is caught on film hovering by erupting Mexican volcano
  • Object was spotted close to volcano Colima located in western Mexico
  • Appeared to have two legs and came into view out of nowhere
  • Witness said it looked like a ‘horse’ with a ‘very large body’
  • Authorities said it is most likely a drone – they are currently investigating



OK, we made up Mexican Dancing Horse Day, but we think there should be holiday like that, with Banda music and all the oats you can eat! Above is a brand-new dancing horse video, and here’s a classic dancing horse FAIL video: [Mas…]

“The horse knows the routine, you say?” “Si.” “And all I have to do is sit in the saddle and hold the reins and he’ll dance to the music?” “Si.” “What happened to the last contract cowboy you hired for the parade?” “Sigh.”