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La Quirky Nancy discovers mangos in East LA and lives to tell about it. #laQuirky #Columbusing


Quirky food video blogger katie q discovered this totally delicious new healthy food treat LOL OMG. Latino-style people eat this all the time, I’m so sure! It’s a fruit they call a “mango” and they squeeze lime juice on it and add hot sauce, just like you put mousse on your hair when you go out clubbing. Srsly, is this quirky or what? [Mas…]

POCHO loves hometown favorite salsa picante Huy Fong Sriracha, we cannot lie. We like Tapatio and Cholula and Valentina, sure, but the garlicky sweet red sauce from Irwinwindale, CA is special. That’s why we were intrigued by this video visit to a chile-loving town in Southeast Asia – Si Racha, Thailand.


Given the continued popularity of POCHO’s story on sexy Latinas with sexy feet (Selena Gomez = #1) and our continued coverage of all things hot and spicy, this video featuring Hot Sauce on Naked Feet was a must-publish-on POCHO moment for us. We’re not proud of that and we’re also disappointed Tabasco was as far as this guy goes. And aren’t you supposed to put sauce on someone else’s feet? The Internets are one big ball of confusion. [NSFW adult language.]

nolabelsalsaHola. Is Tia Lencha here. Happy Valemtines Day!

I haf the perfect parry idea. What is red and espicy and uses a blindfold? Get jur mind out of the basura (thas trash for you pochos.) Is the Valentimes Hot Sauce Taste Test. This is one test that is fun to estudy for!

What is it? Ju put numbers on little paper cups and then little bit of each of jur favorite hot sauces in the little paper cups. Ju can use Tapatio, Cholula, Bufalo, Red Rooster, what ever ju like. Then ju put a handkerchief to cover someone’s eyes and they taste. They try to guess which hot sauce is in each little cup. Fun, no? [Mas…]

This TV commercial from McDonald’s in South Africa promotes a “Mexican burger” with “fiery jalapeño” hot sauce. Cactuses and sombreros not included. No burros were harmed in the making of this commercial.


Freestyle rap by Ray Sipe: ‘Thank you, thank you, Mexico!’ (video)

by MOON GUAC August 14, 2013 Cultura
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Ray Sipe loves so many things about Mexico, especially hot and spicy food, chiles and piñatas, and he rhymes them all in Thank you, thank you, Mexico. Here’s what he has to say for himself on his YouTube page: Funny songs on any subject.I do take requests.Send me a message.Facebook:raymond.sipe.9:Twitter;raysipe:Instagram;ra ysipe.twitter;raysipe. Instagram;raysipe.My videos are PARODIES;no […]


@SaraChicaD: My Pocho Ocho favorite foods (video)

by Lucida Grandé August 9, 2013 Cultura
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POCHO’s Subcommandanta del Ñews Sara Inés Calderón (also known as @SaraChicaD on the Twitter) is very particular about the foods she likes. Here are her Pocho Ocho faves… RELATED: San Bernardino teenager addicted to Takis


As the Duck Farts: El Pato demands POCHO retract ‘sketchy salsa’ story

by DENNIS WILEN AKA COMIC SAENZ August 2, 2013 Corporate
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An attorney who claims to represent Walker Foods, U.S. distributors of El Pato (The Duck) salsa, demanded Thursday that POCHO “retract and correct” parts of our story Pocho Ocho sketchy substances in Mexican hot sauce besides lead, even though he acknowledges it is satire. Downtown Los Angeles lawyer Robert M. Newell, Jr. also wants POCHO […]


Pocho Ocho sketchy substances in Mexican hot sauce besides lead

by Especial Correspondents August 1, 2013 El Now
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NBC reports that El Pato Salsa Picante has been withdrawn from the American market because tests found it was contaminated with lead. El Pato is just one of several Mexican salsa brands that contain the poisonous substance, according to scientists at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Of course, there’s no way lead is the […]