house slippers

House slippers are all high-tech and grippy now

It was a family tradition, no doubt rooted in the dark recesses of cholo vato loco-ism, for my sons and me to wear the cheapest-imaginable black Rite Aid $9.95 house shoes.

They were cotton corduroy, black with ridges at the top. On the bottom there was a flat layer of black foamy stuff which puppies found quite delicious. They were  worn with calf-length white tube socks. Black socks are for funerals and more formal occasions.

Backgound Information:

The more comfortable you are with your macholinity, the more apt you are to wear your chanclas outdoors. This includes going to the mall, paying bills, and buying car parts. You cannot, however, wear them while grocery shopping. This is because the only reason you are grocery shopping is that your lady has forced you to go with her; ergo you are sporting untied Chuck Taylors. [Mas…]