howard scott

POCHO amigo and Long Beach homie Harold Ray Brown — founder of the internationally-famous funk/rock/jazz/Latin group WAR — saved and just posted this old cartoon version of the Cisco Kid Was A Friend of Mine lyrics from one of the band’s books of sheet music. The song was a hit in 1971. [Mas…]

The surviving guys (minus one) of the band formerly known as WAR (East Los favorites) are now the Lowrider Band. This just-released video is their OG salute to the ordinary man who works hard all day at a job he hates so he can take care of his family.

TGIF Music Video Double Play: Groove on out the office with WAR’s Low Rider and Cisco Kid. How a band made up of six African-Americans and a Jew from Denmark turned into one of Latinos’ favorite groups is a long story, but the songs WAR wrote at 7417 Sunset Blvd. were definitely happenin’ in the hood. All but one of WAR’s surviving original members now perform as the Lowrider Band. [Mas…]