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nuevo_paradigmafOut with the old paradigms, in with the new. Argentina’s (EntrepreneursNews) explains:

Un nuevo paradigma es el comienzo de un nuevo camino, una nueva forma de hacer las cosas. Generalmente un nuevo paradigma no va a hacer inmediatamente más eficientes todos los procesos al 100%, pero si mejor el modelo que está remplazando.

It is not our responsibility to finish the work of perfecting the world, but we are not free to desist from it either. [Click on the image to enlarge.] [Mas…]

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wtfDA FUQ? SMH! [Image by Scott Bateman via The Nib Comics.]

If there were a World Cup for the Highest Percentage of Middle-Aged Unmarried Women Between 45 and 49, Brazil would win! ¡Ole!

In the World Cup for the Futbol Team with the Most Twitter Followers, the winner is Selección Mexicana, @miseleccionmx on the Tuiter: [Mas…]

imminowThese days in Aztlan — and across lots of the United Estates — most immigrants come from Mexico, but it wasn’t always that way. A hundred years ago or so they were from Germany.

The Pew Research Center reports: [Mas…]

Slate’s infographic mapping magic illustrates what we knew already — across most of the United Estates, Spanish is almost always the most commonly-spoken language besides English.

But after English and Spanish, what’s Numero Tres? Here in California, it’s Tagalog, first language of a quarter of all Filipinos and the second language of most. Pinoys, ruled by both Spain and the U.S., are the honorary (?) Latinos of Asia.

Tagalog? If you’ve got cooties, or play with a yo-yo, or live in the boondocks, you’re speaking Tagalog.

There are also unexpected results in Texas and Florida and New York and Illinois and…. Here’s the spoken language third place map: [Mas…]

Breaking: Fake Facebook post changes Fort Worth man’s life

by María Purísima February 4, 2014 El Now
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(PNS reporting from FORT WORTH, TX) Leon Ortiz (photo, center) was scrolling through his Facebook newsfeed last week when he saw a post that changed his life forever. The post, co-authored by former President Bill Clinton (photo, left) and pop star Kayne West (photo, right), celebrated the importance of following your dreams. “You know, I […]


Haters Gonna Hate: Big map of racist/hateful Tweets (infographic)

by WIZ E. WHIG, Ph.D. December 6, 2013 Cartoons
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The infographic map-heads at analyzed geo-tagged Tweets from one week in November last year to generate a hate map of the U.S. Surprise, surprise — the Old Confederacy had the most haters when slurs about Latinos (Tweets using the word “wetback” and “spick”), African-Americans (“nigger”), Asians (“chink,” “gook”) were tallied (pan-racist map, above.) [Click […]