inland empire

When in San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles in the Inland Empire, be sure to stop by the Mitla Cafe, the restaurant where Taco Bell was born. [Video by Katrina Parks]

fruitvendorWe can all sleep easier now that a guy selling fruit from a little carrito on a street corner in San Bernardino has been busted by the cops. Facebook member Jason Gomez was there: [Mas…]

quitapenasJust so we’re all on the same page, let’s agree on terminology:

In addition, Quitapenas makes the following assertions about Valle Moreno. Dark Valley is: [Mas…]

foodscientistabuela(PNS reporting from RIVERSIDE) After a decade-long quest to duplicate his Oaxacan abuela’s mole poblano recipe, UC Riverside food scientist Miguel Jimenez, 33, declared defeat Sunday.

Microbiologist Jimenez had hoped to identify the ingredients in the mysterious chocolate chile sauce his abuela puts on chicken.

“She won’t give anyone the recipe!” said Jimenez, as he kicked his chair and wiped away tears at UCR’s Chucheria Research Facility. “Abuelita just pinches my cheek and tells me to portarme bien and go to church more.” [Mas…]