international women’s day

mujeremixedIn Mujer Soy, by Las Cafeteras, we see a day in the real life of Maryann Aguirre, a woman from East Los Angeles. Happy International Women’s Day! (Remixed by YUKICITO.) [Mas…]

Video from BeingLatino.US contrasts Mexicans in the media and Real Life Mexicans

POCHO’s favorite candidate, the mariachi-like Mexican Mitt Romney, scored the combo plate of election success in the Super Taco Tuesday primaries but fellow Republican Rush Limbaugh stepped in a big pile of slut when he opened his fat mouth. Dear Rush: Are you finished? Then wipe yourself!

Here are some of the stories that made our ñewsweek: [Mas…]

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8. Republican Party is trying to get IUDs reclassified as WMDs

7. Rick Perry is blasting Susan G. Komen for the Cure for “not being man enough” when caving in during Planned Parenthood flap

6. Rush Limbaugh plans to lose more sponsors over “slut” remark [Mas…]

Flight of the Conchords: Ladies of the World. The fellas want the world to put down that rifle and pick up a woman! In Bolivia! And Namibia! Actually, International Women’s Day is serious business, and here’s a good summary from Fox Latino (of all places!). Bottom line, according to Fox’s Mariela Dabbah? There’s lots to celebrate, and a lot more yet to be done: [Mas…]