The Hey Vato! show’s Chuy and Smiley wonder if it’s possible to put away those childish things, like that Corinthian dude said, and enjoy an afternoon of beisbol with Los Doyers.

Smiley and Chuy scramble to protect themselves from zombies in this episode of Hey Vato! Sir Winston Churchill provides some valuable context, but can a kid’s chemistry kit keep the vatos safe? (NSFW language.)

The Vatos’ discussion of the finer points of football jersey fashion lead them to consider Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven and the stereotypes implicit in identification with the Raiders’ Nation. Nevermore, ese!

Variations on this particular meme have been going around the Internets for a while in online poster format (and for every ethnic, geographic, political and affinity group you can imagine.) Here’s a cool Mexican version re-imagined as a video.

However: A Yankees jersey? Everyone knows all cholas are fans of Los Doyers! From the good folks at BeingLatino.US