It was a bad day to be a purse snatcher on this bus in Chile. Three cheers for batman!

“Instant karma’s gonna get you,” John Lennon sang. This is true in both Brazil and San Bernardino County.

Chilling black and white documentary footage from Spain shows how a thoughtful gesture by a scarecrow becomes the scarecrow’s literal undoing. But oh mama, could this really be The End?

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A pocho and a gabacho’s fine bromance runs into a hitch when their time-honored dispute resolution process — the game of rock-paper-scissors — involves a girl. Wesley Rodriguez’ La Piedra, made this summer in a single day, was the winner of the University of Florida 24-Hour Film Festival.

Quit it, you drama queens and stop your +$@#% bullshit (NSFW video)

by MIRA K. FEDORA July 25, 2012 Cultura
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YouTube user Karma Fairuth is really getting sick and tired of your complaining about how you are always a victim and “Oh, poor you!” and suggests you move past the negative energy and begin building a better future for yourself. (NSFW language.) There’s more Karma on Facebook.