[Who was Salazar? Wikipedia is a good start.]

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It’s OK to say the M word: Mexican.

Recent coverage of a new exhibit at a Texas museum — with headlines like “The Texas Rangers Killed Hundreds of Hispanic Americans During the Mexican Revolution(screen capture above) and “Texas Finally Acknowledges Rangers Killed Hundreds of Latinos,” — is not only historically incorrect but a dangerous attempt to sanitize history.

Just say Mexican, like this Houston Chronicle headline: EXHIBIT TO SHED LIGHT ON MEXICAN-AMERICAN MURDERS. It’s easy. [Mas…]



Imagine — a world without hate (video)

by Comic Saenz March 22, 2013 Cultura
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Imagine. It’s easy if you try. Please share.


Anaheim police brutality protest t-shirt fundraiser

by Lalo Alcaraz July 31, 2012 El Now
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Specify Tshirt Size Wanted! Paypal button simplified! Please write in what size Tshirt you want, ie: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL I created the above image as a response to the outrageous and murderous police brutality by the Anaheim Police Department recently against two young men in the Anaheim barrio. The families are not only […]