king taco

Tacos y Trifecta‘s official horse and taco lover Jose Contreras stops by one of the famous King Taco restaurants and says the carne asada is a solid 8.4. And the red salsa? Aiyee!


goblinsfThe “two dudes from Los Angeles, California that make some dank beats fam” create magic free open source music as the Goblins from Mars. They’re on Facebook, of course, and they have this new cool reggae tune out on SoundCloud called King Taco. Is it an ode to the famous taqueria in East Los? We don’t know. We have inquired via email. We’ll let you know. [Mas…]

mexicansattacobellWhen BuzzFeed served some Taco Bell specialties to L.A. Mexicans, reactions were — let us say — mixed. We know it’s L.A. because they mention King Taco in East Los. Try it, you’ll like it. We also recommend Guisado on Cesar Chavez. And Eastside Luv right by Mariachi Plaza offers a great selection of refreshing beverages for an 80°March day like today. [Mas…]