You’re not going to believe this,
but I was born sitting at the kitchen
table with a tamale already in hand.
Of course, some say, that I was born
on a pool table, but that’s another

I still remember the hogs head
simmering in a pot as my uncle
Louie and his buddies sat listening
respectfully as my grandfather
spoke about times gone by. [Mas…]

Looking for a Yucatan oven-baked tamales for Dia de Los Muertos? It’s easy when have a magical animation kitchen.

Video creator Mariel Buenfil explains: [Mas…]

burrito12vPictures speak a thousand (very orange) palabras, and when it comes to words, we can’t do any better than the self-penned description of Burrito, a Mexican restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia, in the former Yugoslavia, right by the Nikolai Tesla Museum (see map below): [Mas…]

The continued popularity of the molcajete (mortar) and companion tejolote (pestle) is a living example of the principle “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Here in San Angeles there would be no restaurants without Mexicans in the kitchen. But they’re not cooking what you think.