Film-festival favorite Cuerdas en la vida – Ropes in Life reminds us that we are in charge of our own freedom. This Jalisco-born stop-motion video has a killer concept, startling models/marionettes, amazing live action and sound integration, plus pinpoint pacing. [Directed by Gerardo González Pérez.]

The more you use the Internets, the more likely you are to lose your religion, according to a new study.

NPR explains:

America is less religious than ever before. The number of Americans who reported no religious affiliation has been growing rapidly, doubling since 1990. That kind of rapid change matches another societal trend — growth in Internet use. The percentage of Americans who say they used the Internet went from nearly zero in 1990 to 87 percent this year.

Now, a detailed data analysis finds the two trends aren’t just related, but that wider Internet use may actually be leading us to lose our religion. [Mas…]