Gabiekook shows us how to make Korean pork belly bulgogi tacos with peanuts. But first you need to answer her question: [[우리집에왜왔니?]] 국가비의 코리안 타코편 (Why did you come to my house?) Aside from the religious issues we have regarding wheat vs corn tortillas, the marinade and saucing stuff look muy rico! Oh, and nice mustache!

mexichickenKorean fast food chain Mexicana Chicken wants you stop, look, and listen, and then try their new pink strawberry chicken, yellow banana chicken and green cantaloupe chicken. For realz.

The company’s “Stoplight Chicken” — small pieces of boneless chicken coated in flavored powders colored red, yellow, and green — are the three colors of a traffic signal. Get it?

RocketNews24 explains:

Apparently emboldened by the previous success of chicken nuggets coated in cheese powder, Mexicana has decided to go all out and add strawberry, banana, and melon to the available flavors for their fried chicken. However, according to online reaction, the result is not great. [Mas…]

Welcome to TacoCat, a crowd-funded Korean street pop-up in Honolulu, where everyone enjoys “food, flavor, fun and meow!” On the Twitter, they’re @TacoCatHI.

managercroppedExcuse me, Mr. Store Manager in San Antonio, Texas. I see you’re selling Hispanic Option Dr Pepper. Is it good? Do you have White Option Dr Pepper? Black Option? Korean? Chinese? [NSFW adult language.] [Mas…]

Somehow this looks and sounds familiar….


common-asian-chino(PNS reporting from NORMAL, ILL) Demographers at Pocho Asian American Policy Institute (PAAPI) here have just released a new map detailing the most common Asian languages spoken in the U.S., broken out on a state by state basis, in English and Spanish. [Click on image to enlarge.] [Mas…]

Shoutout to the Pinoys and Yo-Yos of Califas: You’re #3 (infographic)

by Chale Knickerbocker May 19, 2014 Cartoons
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Slate’s infographic mapping magic illustrates what we knew already — across most of the United Estates, Spanish is almost always the most commonly-spoken language besides English. But after English and Spanish, what’s Numero Tres? Here in California, it’s Tagalog, first language of a quarter of all Filipinos and the second language of most. Pinoys, ruled […]


Authentic tacos in Seoul, South Korea – and Nutella nachos (video)

by MOSCA MEXICAN May 12, 2014 Cultura
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Sweet and Tasty TV’s Professor Oh checks out the Mexican food at Vatos Urban Tacos in Seoul, South Korea. It’s puro L.A. fusion style – Korean kalbi beef tacos a la Kogi, pork carnitas and Baja-style fish tacos. Fresh guacamole and cool Coronas, too. Not to mention Nutella nachos. PREVIOUSLY ON MEXICAN FOOD: